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Three things I learned from my day with Michael Franti
A River Flows Through You...


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Three things I learned from my day with Michael Franti

Three days ago, I spent a day with Michael Franti.  Okay, I was not reallywithhim, but he was literally a yoga mat away, singing and smiling and sharing his light.  There was a palpable bubble of love and laughter that carried us through an entire day of yoga and music and unity.  I’m not really much of a concert-goer, and I rarely desire to see someone more than once, but I found myself wanting the show to go beyond the Asbury Park curfew.  I found myself re-planning my upcoming week in my head so that I might somehow attend the New York show on Monday, Philly on Tuesday…preferably with my kids in tow so they could experience the joy of this Soulshine tour.

A River Flows Through You...

There's a favorite Rumi quote painted on the wall of my favorite yoga studio, which is situated in a beautiful space overlooking the river.  It reads, "When you do things from your soul, a river runs through you." As someone who is on a spiritual journey, I connect deeply to this quote.  I have learned that when we are still enough to listen to our own soul and courageous enough to follow our own unique life path, abundance flows in the most amazing ways.  

As I approach one year of being in practice for myself, this quote and this river have even deeper meaning for me.


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