Carol Anne Patterson, RMT, RYT - Reiki & Yoga Therapy
About Me

I'm a mom, a yogi, an empath, an intuitive, and a student of life.  I have passion for cycling, good food, feel-good music, fresh air, getting cozy with a good book and a cup of tea, and the beauty in every day life.  Helping people is my gift, my soul purpose.  It is as much who I am as it is what I do.   

For more than 20 years as a Physical Therapist, I dedicated myself to helping others know and nourish their own bodies, focusing on restoring balanced posture and movement.   After receiving my degree from the University of Scranton in 1993,  I completed extensive continuing education course work in the field of Physical Therapy, receiving Specialist Board Certifications in the areas of both Orthopedic Physical Therapy and Upper Extremity Rehabilitation.  While I will always be committed to continual growth and learning in the field, I have found that I learn the most from listening to and observing my clients.  Every day in this work, I am grateful to be both teacher and student.  

In 2011, I was blessed to have experienced the power of life force energy when I witnessed unexplainable and miraculous results while treating a patient.  I am grateful to my accupuncturist and friend, Jerry Reidy, not only for helping me to understand, but for challenging my traditional way of thinking and opening my mind.  Without him, I would not be on this beautiful path, blending the most beautiful aspects of Eastern and Western practices.  As well, special thanks are due to my Reiki Master and Teacher, C Lynn Carr for her guidance and instruction.  I feel blessed to be able to offer this form of healing to others as a Reiki Master Teacher.   With energy healing, I am continually reminded that we are far more than physical beings and that our emotional and spiritual health impact our physical bodies tremendously.  For complete healing to occur, we must address the body, mind, and spirit. This realization fueled my inspiration to create a holistic healing setting and spend more one on one time with my clients.  

My desire to become a yoga instructor was driven by a passion for empowering my patients to be more actively involved in their own healing.  I saw a need to create a safe and comfortable environment for people of all levels to be on a path of wellness. Yoga is a practice in which we explore and find balance in not only our body, but also in our mind and spirit.  Because I believe that yoga is for everyone, I teach a basic style of yoga (Hatha yoga), appropriate for ALL levels, and strive to help others build a personal practice that uniquely nourishes them.  My Yoga Teacher Trainings with both The American Yoga Academy and with The International Yoga Therapy Institute exponentially expanded my capacity for helping others.   I am especially grateful to have Nancy Candea, CYT, RYT 500, RYS, CPT as a mentor and friend. 

My practices of  both Reiki and Yoga have beautifully and naturally blended with my skills and experience in the field of Physical Therapy, fostering healing for my clients on all levels. To be able to share so much and to continually see this integrative approach to treatment result in improved quality of life for others is a most wonderful gift. 

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