Carol Anne Patterson, RMT, RYT - Reiki & Yoga Therapy

Reiki is gentle, non-invasive and effective means of stress reduction, pain management, and deep relaxation.  Treatment consists of me placing my hands on or near your body and transferring universal energy where it's needed.  It is performed while you are fully clothed and relaxed, lying down or seated in a chair.  Reiki therapy is being offered more commonly in traditional health care settings to provide pain and symptom relief, to treat side effects from cancer treatment, to speed recovery time from surgery, and to promote healing and balance in cases of anxiety and chronic pain.  It is not a substitute for traditional medical care but can complement and even enhance your treatment.   Many people experience profound healing from this safe and simple form of holistic therapy.

"Reiki" comes from the Japanese "Rei" (spiritual wisdom) and "Ki" (life force) and translates into "universal life force energy."  If you have taken yoga or have had accupuncture, you may have heard of this energy referred to as "prana or "chi."  Energy healing is based on the idea that life force energy flows through us, and when our energy is low or blocked, we are more likely to get sick or experience stress or pain.   All of our past experiences, emotions, fears, and anxieties have a tremendous impact on the physical body and contribute significantly to musculoskeletal pain syndromes and physiologic illness.  To fully heal the body,  it is necessary to address all aspects of the self. 

My practice of Reiki is intuitive and divinely guided and is very sacred to me; it inspires and humbles me daily.  I am blessed to have witnessed people moving not only through pain, but also stress, anxiety, and fear.  Often, my clients seek healing because they are feeling stuck or unfulfilled and are in search of  deeper meaning in their lives.  Moving through your energetic blockages can be a beautiful healing experience that propels you forward with greater self awareness, purpose, stability, and love.   My healing sessions always include instruction on simple meditation, breath work, visualization, and/or instruction in gentle yoga postures to provide you the tools you need to ideal health and well being. 

Because Reiki Energy is not limited by time and distance, Distance Reiki can also be given without the client being present. Distance Reiki involves the client sitting or lying comfortably at a scheduled time while I channel the energy from my end.  I include a follow up phone to discuss whatever arises.

I also offer private and group Reiki classes.  One of the most beautiful things about Reiki, is that once attuned, we can do it to ourselves, our friends and family, and even our pets.  It is the perfect complement to any self healing journey.  See the Reiki Classes link for more information.

I am a Certified Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui System of Natural Healing.  I trained under the wonderful Reiki Master and Teacher, C Lynn Carr (Sea) and am most grateful for her wisdom, compassion and guidance.  

Benefits of Reiki include:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Stress reduction
  • Pain management
  • Increased energy
  • More restful sleep
  • Mental and emotional clarity
  • Improved digestion
  • Promotion of self healing
  • Re-balancing of the body's energy centers
  • Clearing of emotional blockages
  • Connecting with your highest self

"According to energy medicine, we are all living history books.  Our bodies contain our  histories--every chapter, line, and verse of every event and relationship in our lives.  As our lives unfold, our biological health becomes a living, breathing biographical statement that conveys our strengths, weaknesses, hopes, and fears." 
Caroline Myss, PhD.

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