Carol Anne Patterson, RMT, RYT - Reiki & Yoga Therapy

"I was in chronic pain for 19 plus years and on a spiritual journey when I was led to Carol Anne.  After a few short months of working one on one with her, I experienced physical relief, spiritual insight and major shifts in my energy. Her interdisciplinary combination of Reiki, Yoga and Physical Therapy are genius. I consider her studio a sacred space where I can open up and be heard without judgment. Her wisdom, empathy and understanding are limitless. I always leave our sessions feeling better physically, uplifted spiritually and inspired.
     Before I began my work with Carol Anne, I looked at my future  as something to survive. Now, I know my future is filled with possibility. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking relief from pain, spiritual enlightenment and guidance on their personal journey."

"Prior to our first meeting, the concept of Reiki was completely foreign to me.  I was at very challenging point in my life both mentally and physically.  I entered the whole thing a bit skeptically, but was at a point where I was willing to try anything.  I sought insight, clarity, and perspective into my personal circumstance.  Beginning in our first session I sensed a power and an energy in the work that was being done.
     When we meet, Carol Anne makes me feel completely comfortable and at ease.  There is a sense of peace and calm throughout.  When she is done, she describes the images and sensations that come to her when she does her work and we discuss the potential symbolism and connection to my personal journey.  
There is an undeniable energy and life force that links Carol Anne to me during our sessions.  She has helped me a great deal.  I am grateful for her and the gift that she shares with me and others."

"Carol Anne has been working with me on Post Concussion Syndrome for some months.  We have made great strides towards recovery.  Not only is she a Physical therapist, but very intuitive in the art of healing.  I am fortunate to have her on my team working to recovery."

"Just wanted to let you know how good I felt yesterday!  I don't want it to end.  Looking forward to my next Reiki session!"

"I was catching up with a colleague of mine, who shared that she was seeing Carol Anne for her back pain and seeing much benefit. Interesting to me was what she further shared-  that she had an epiphany of sorts as Carol Anne helped her to make a connection between her back pain and certain thought patterns she was holding onto.  In that moment,  somewhat jokingly I replied that I wish she could so easily get rid of the chronic foot and hip pain that I have been walking around with for years.  Without a moment of hesitation she texted me Carol Anne's contact information and basically insisted that I reach out to her.  The enthusiasm and conviction in my colleague's voice about her experience with Carol Anne is what prompted me to seek her out- word of mouth goes a long way.
     I went to Carol Anne believing I was going to receive some exercises that would put me on the path of recovery from chronic pain; expecting nothing more.  From the moment I stepped into her office, my mind felt a release of tension and something "emotional" began to surface in my body.  We talked symptoms and treatments from a clinical standpoint and she evaluated my foot, stance, and other physical parameters. She provided some therapeutic exercises to do and then inquired if I would be interested in exploring an alternative healing modality called Reiki.  My curiosity was piqued and  I accepted the offer of an energy reading. 
     What she shared with me after assessing my chakras blew me away -  for me, I experienced an unexpected unleashing of emotional "junk"  I wasn't truly aware I was holding onto until that moment. I took to heart  her recommendations  to unblock/ open up my root chakra and performed the exercises (physical and meditative) every day over the next week.  I also  researched what chakras and meditation were in greater detail. My body began to feel a difference, literally within a few days- I couldn't believe it.  Each subsequent visit has been of tremendous value both physically and emotionally for me and I can honestly say, my pain is now fully resolved after just a few visits with this amazing person.  Carol Anne is quite astute, insightful, caring in demeanor  and highly competent in her fields of expertise."

"I just wanted to thank you again for coming over and reiki-ing the house and my sons room. You were a god send. He's been sleeping peacefully since a couple of days after you came over. "

"I had a chronic neck injury from overuse due to cycling and the stresses of daily life. Carol Anne helped me to see that neck and shoulder tightness relate directly to the throat and heart chakras.  She helped me to balance all of my chakras with reiki in addition to giving me physical exercises to help strengthen and re-balance the muscles in my neck. Shortly after completing my sessions with Carol Anne, I noticed a change for the better in communication with my sister who I had not been on speaking terms with for most of our young adult lives. It was amazing to me to see how both physically and energetically resetting my body had such a great impact on my relationship with others as well as myself. Thank you Carol Anne for allowing me to see, first hand, that the body has no boundaries and healing oneself can have a great impact on others as well."

"It was such a funny coincidence how I found Carol Anne.  A friend of mine knew I was facing some challenges in my life and thought I should try Reiki with Carol Anne.  In the days before I was to meet with her for our first appointment, I was speaking with someone I had just met and she too recommended I try Reiki with Carol Anne!  The first time I met with her, she had such a warm and caring way about her that I automatically opened up and have a very good first session.  She has since helped me to release energies in my body that were stagnant and has helped me to try to focus on things differently.  Carol Anne is really gifted in what she does and you can feel it from the moment you walk in her space.  I have and would continue to recommend her to anyone interested in Reiki."

"Since I have been going to Carol Anne for Reiki, a lot has happened! The pain in my feet has stopped and people see a change in me.  Before Reiki, I never too time to see the sun, the trees...I would go to sleep at night and my whole day would replay in my head all night long.  Not any more!  I'm so much calmer and more peaceful.  I feel so blessed that someone told me about Reiki.  I still need work but am on my way!  I tell everyone I know about Carol Anne."

"Thank you for the beautiful energy work.  It has opened so much space in my head and energy body. Amazing. Still facing a lot but feel so much stronger, protected and comfortable with my fearful feelings when they arise."

"Formerly a physical therapist myself, I was skeptical when Carol Anne first suggested that I might benefit from Reiki treatments.   I'd had a mild stroke, and despite a very helpful course of vestibular therapy, I continued to struggle with dizziness and poor vision.  I knew Carol Anne was an excellent physical therapist, so I trusted her judgment and tried it.  One session convinced me that Reiki could actually really help me, so I returned for several more.  Carol Anne proved to be a exceptional practitioner in a new way.  With her advanced technical skills, years of experience and ability to listen patiently without judgment, she offered gentle, effective treatments and truly unique insights that continue to help me move forward and feel better."

"I had been suffering from pain in both legs, from my hips to my feet,  for over three years.  I had tried massage, physical therapy, acupuncture, Orthopedists, Neurologists and other doctors with no success.  The discomfort was severe enough to interfere with my daily activities.  Walking even a block or two was very painful.  My Orthopedist recommended knee replacement, but I thought I’d give physical therapy one last try before surgery.  Fortunately, I met Carol Anne.  Unlike other therapy offices where you see your therapist for only minutes of your time there, Carol Anne focused solely on me during our hour long sessions, working with me individually to relieve my symptoms.  
     She also taught me a series of stretches and simple yoga postures I could do at home.  Carol Anne took the time to explain how to perform the moves properly and mindfully, down to the smallest detail of the movement.  While the moves she taught me were very basic, due to my limitations, it was clear to me that she has an immense knowledge and understanding the postures and their purposes.  I’d been practicing Yoga for a number of years, but I  feel I’ve learned so much more about yoga from her in this short time than I had from my years of other teachers. Within two weeks of starting therapy with Carol Anne I began to see a marked improvement in my condition.  The improvements continued with each session to the point that now, about twelve weeks later, I have been pain free for a good three weeks.  This is honestly something I never expected to happen.  I had hoped for enough relief to avoid surgery.  I feel better now than I have in years.  
     The third leg of Carol Anne’s practice is her Reiki and energy work.  I had never really experienced either, but I thought I’d give it a shot especially after the improvements I’d had with her physical therapy and yoga practices.  Carol Anne is an amazing healer.  I would have to say, as good as she is at physical therapy and yoga instruction, Reiki and energy work are her strongest gifts. Just as she guided me into stretches and basic yoga postures, she also guided the energy in and around me to heal me physically and spiritually.  Carol Anne’s office is an almost magical place of peacefulness.  I would always call it my refuge, and my time there was very relaxing and renewing.   After leaving her office I usually felt like I’d just finished a great meditation.    Carol Anne is an amazingly talented person.  After twelve weeks I am pain free and have much improved range of motion.   I highly recommend her."

"Attending a reiki session with Carol Anne was a profound experience in my life, which I never expected! As I relaxed into the reiki session, I found my self moving through a very uplifting and deep experience. Even though there is very gentle and non-invasive touch in reiki or none at all, I felt that I was able to sink deeper and deeper into a relaxed state because she is a gifted practitioner and creates a very safe space for her clients.I felt the pain in my knee, which I was dealing with before the session, completely dissipate, and I suddenly had the realization that my hip was actually the cause of the pain in my knee (I hadn't considered this before)! It was as if Carol Anne intuitively knew this as well, and treated my hip. When the session ended I felt as if I could move much easier than before the session, and the relaxed and calm state carried on throughout the day.I recommend Carol Anne to everyone I know seeking this kind of treatment. Whether your reason to seek reiki is for mental, emotional or physical balance, she can help you with her divinely guided reiki session! It's rare to find someone as authentic to her practice as she is."

"Carol Anne has a unique combination of technical knowledge, assessment skills, and patient awareness.  I highly recommend Carol Anne...both for her depth of knowledge and expertise, but also for the simple and applicable ways she conveys those principles to her patients. She genuinely desires that you live a healthier life and is also extremely capable of helping you get there."
D. G.

"My world had changed after completely tearing my ACL last winter during a ski trip. I was distraught and felt hopeless. I became convinced that my accident was a sign that I needed to learn something. After having a session with Carol Anne, I began to uncover all the blessings which came to me as a result of this tragedy. Her energy was kind, patient and most of all... healing. At each session, she took her time to evaluate me physically and then into the emotional level. With her guidance, I was able to identify the many layers that hindered me from moving forward. I was finally able to learn from my experience and heal. Carol Anne continues to be a loving teacher to me in my journey toward recovery. She is an absolute blessing!"

"As a yoga instructor myself, I sought Carol Anne's help after injuring my ankle while running. It had become difficult to run, instruct yoga, dance, and even walk for two weeks prior to my visit. After one session with Carol Anne my ankle felt more in alignment. She was able assess the structure of my body to know exactly where the imbalance was, as well as manipulating the area to re-align the an imbalance I was suffering from. Although the area felt better immediately after the session, it was the following morning that I really noticed the difference. I was able to resume dance class, teach and run without pain for the first time in weeks. Carol Anne's calm, gentle nature is what makes her a great physical therapist, but her ability to incorporate the skills she posses along with inquiring about the emotional and physical aspect of injury is makes her an outstanding physical therapist. I will recommend her to anyone I know seeking a PT."

"After weighing my options on how to celebrate my birthday, I am so glad my online search directed me to try Reiki with Carol Anne. Only going by friends and family that shared their experiences with me, I was sure I would leave walking on cloud 9. Well, I was in for a surprise. Carol Anne focused on the needed areas and I felt like she knew exactly what I was thinking. When I left, I spent the next few days releasing a ton of bricks that has been stacked on my back for as long as I can remember. My reiki experience has started an interest for me and now I am taking classes to learn myself. I would highly recommend Carol Anne to anybody looking to better themselves."

"I was lucky enough to stumble upon Carol Anne when she was covering for another physical therapist. She helped me progress to places no other PT had (and I’d been to several). Carol Anne was the first one who looked at me as a person instead of a textbook case. She saw things the others didn’t and worked on me and with me to address core issues that were holding back my recovery from a car accident. Her knowledge and experience with alternative healing methods enhances her ability to deliver personalized quality care. Carol Anne is an exceptional PT and an amazing person with a rare combination of insight, skill, compassion and patience."
L. B.

“After my car was totalled in an accident, my active life as I knew it changed dramatically.  I have always been a very active runner and volleyball player.  Post-accident, I couldn't even turn my head from side to side.  After my very first session with Carol Anne, I was already experiencing much relief.  Her caring way of treating and  her knowledge and expertise got be back and going in full swing again.”
S. S.

"Carol Anne is a tremendously talented physical therapist. She is thoughtful, knowledgeable, and really goes the extra mile for her patients. I would recommend her to anyone. You always  have her attention during your appointment and you always feel like you are in good hands with Carol Anne." 
B. M.

"After major surgery to repair my core muscles, I had to train the core  how to work again.  Carol Anne  has gotten me back to an active life again. She is a highly skilled therapist with a hands on approach. She cares greatly about her patients and has great knowledge and expertise in the physical therapy field. With her hands approach she has taught on how to use the core muscles correctly and how to gain flexibility .   Carol Anne  is a great physical therapist and also a great yoga instructor. I take her gentle and gentle flow yoga classes. She knows how to work around your limitations.  I would recommend her to anyone."
D. D.

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