Carol Anne Patterson, RMT, RYT - Reiki & Yoga Therapy
Yoga Therapy

As a Physical Therapist (PT) and a Yoga Instructor, my therapy practice is very holistic, respecting the physical, emotional, and spiritual contributions to dysfunction.  As a "Yogi PT", my expertise in anatomy and kinesiology flavors my personal yoga practice and my teaching. In the same way, the essence of yoga and my connection to energy  influence my view and the treatment of each therapy client.  As a result, what I am able to offer is a beautiful combination of eastern and western practices, drawing on my strengths and experiences from both worlds to address your whole person with whatever best serves you. 
After almost 25 years in the field of Physical Therapy, I see each client as a beautiful anatomical puzzle waiting to be solved and re-balanced.  Therefore, all therapy programs begin with a thorough evaluation so that we may identify the underlying causes of your pain and dysfunction and then choose the best healing modalities for you.  Your treatment will include one hour of one-on-one attention, in a private and nurturing setting.  

A typical Yoga Therapy session may include skilled manual therapy techniques to release joint or muscle restrictions.  As well, your therapy will always include posture training and movement re-education to improve muscle imbalances and faulty movement patterns.  I am as much an educator as clinician, so you will be instructed in a personalized home exercise program as well as in modifications to work and recreation activities.  Along with traditional exercises, yoga based postures and stretches are a part of the program.  And, because stress, anxiety, fear, etc. all affect the physical body, treatment may also include chakra balancing, breath work, and/or guided meditation to improve muscle function, energy flow, stress management, and relaxation. 
At the completion of therapy, you will have an increased awareness of your body and will be confident about making nourishing choices for your personal well being and healing.  Yoga Therapy often segues naturally into participation in Therapeutic Yoga Classes.  Please click on the Yoga Classes link to the left for more details about those offerings.  

Yoga Therapy can be helpful for:
•   Neck and back pain, disc injuries, whiplash, and headaches
•   Muscle and joint injuries (hips, shoulders, elbows, knees, ankles, and feet)
•   Sports, Exercise or training related injuries
•   Enhancing sports of work related performance
•   Rehabilitation after surgery
•   Chronic pain syndromes
•   Reducing pain and stress 
•   Improving sleep patterns and overall well being

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